Baptism of the believer

What is Baptism
In the Old Testament, baptism means washing or cleansing. It was a ritual that symbolized purity. In the New Testament
It continued to have that meaning but another element was added. Baptism also became symbolic of death and resurection.
The immersion of the body under the water indicates death to an old way of life, burried with Christ in believers baptism
and the raising of the body out of the water indicates the resurrection, raised to walk in the newness of life to a new way
as a follower of Jesus Christ,

Why Baptism?
Jesus did it and taught it (Matthew 3:13-17)
Following Christ in believers baptism. It is a public display of a personal decision to follow Christ after having believed and trusted him as savior.
It is an outward expression of the inward faith that the person has believed and recieved Christ as there personal savior.

Who should be Baptized?
Those who have put there faith and trust in Christ Jesus, by having accepted his gift of salvation.
Those who have acknowledged Jesus Christ as personal savior and Lord,By grace through faith.

How should we be Baptized?
Biblical scholars and denominational leaders have had different beliefs on this subject.
Mainly the question of should a believer be sprinkled or immersed?
East Bristol Baptist Church holds to the literal meaning of baptism as described in the New Testament that indicates total immersion.

When should one be Baptized?
We believe that one should be baptized upon his or her personal decision, after having become a believer in Jesus Christ.
Then you are a canadate to follow the Lord in believers baptism. We believe that one must be accountable enough/know right from wrong and understand the basics of the Gospel.
Jesus died on the Cross, They placed His body in a tomb,He arose from the dead on the 3rd day, He will save you if you will ask,believe and recieve. Then after having believed you should be baptized